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Fargo is a high quality second hand interior design store in Helsinki. They sell hand picked treasures from different decades, mostly from early 30's to 2000's.

We wanted to create a narrative story to convey the passage of time and the new life which customer can bring to an old piece of furniture. We built multiple studio sets in different eras, the 50s, 70s, modern Scandinavian apartment and an old attic.

In the story a customer comes to the store, and by accident travels in time, by touching different objects on sale. He visits everyday situations in various eras, and the adventure eventually leads him to an old attic, where an abandoded chair is waiting for him.

Second-hand product trend is something I felt justified to participate, so as a commercial this was in line with my values.



Customer: Miikka Holm

Cleaner: Ville Rita

Party guest 1: Jenni Marjomaa

Party guest 2: Emilia Utti

Breakfast person: Eliina Hiltunen

Waiter: Oskari Eskola


Screenwriter & Director: Santtu Salminen, Jaakko Juutela

Producer: Arto Kultalahti, Elisabeth Keinänen

Cinematographer: Joni Lintula

Editor: Santtu Salminen

Sound designer: Ossi Oikari

Composer: Kalle Outila

Production designer: Aleksi Luukka

Costume designer: Mira Korhonen

MUAH: Stella Sironen

1. AD: Elisabeth Keinänen

1. AC: Elis Lindfors, Ossi Kallio

Gaffer: Pyry Aitamurto, Ossi Kallio

Grip/Light techician: Arto Kultalahti

Production designer's assistant: Reetta Juutela

Production assistant: Jussi Mäkelä

VFX: Okko Käyhkö

Grade: GradeOne/Juhani Vuorisalo

Stills: Lari Koponen


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