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(Fin. Suoterapia)

A middle-aged man on the verge of a burnout seeks new energy through a very special form of self help therapy.

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(19 min)

Festivals and awards:

Tampere Film Festival, Generation XYZ, Audience Award

Miob in Shorts Award, Winner

Cottbus Film Festival, Special Prize for a Director

Manchester Film Festival, Best Student Film
Encounters Film Festival, Official Selection
Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Best Comedy, Nominee
Indiecork Film Festival, Official Selection

Bolton Film Festival, Official Selection
Helsinki Love and Anarchy Film Festival, Official Selection

Budapest Indie Film Festival, Best Comedy

Sydney Short Film Festival, Best Comedy

Santorini Film Festival, Best Comedy

Neitofestivaali, Best Film

Transilvania Shorts, Best Actor

European Cinematography Awards, Best Student Film

European Cinematography Awards, Best Student Film Cinematography

Arctic Film Festival, Best Student Production, Nominee
Blue Sea Film Festival, Official Selection

Black Sea Film Festival, Official Selection
Crossing Europe, Official Selection

Tacoma Film Festival, Official Selection

Athens Short Film Festival, Official Selection

LA Comedy Film Festival, Official Selection

Canadian International Comedy Film Festival, Official Selection

Sedicicorto International Film Festival, Official Selection

Bucharest Short Film Festival, Official Selection

13th Parish Festival, Official Selection
Postira Seaside Film Festival, Official Selection

JärviKino, Lyhytelokuvanäytös

Espoo Ciné, Ciné kylässä 2022

Red Carpet Festari, Fiktion Parhaimmistoa 2023

SES - Lyhyesti kerran kuussa, Elämä on juhla

Riviera Punavuori, Punavuoren teatterin avajaisjuhlat

Review of the film by Matthew Chan, Encounters Film Festival:

“There was a time, astonishingly, where portraying corporate Wall Street guys as bloodthirsty, conscience-free murderers seemed chic. Santtu Salminen understands this sentiment and with his absurdist Primal Therapy breathes new life into a tired trope. An important distinguishing factor here is the age of his protagonist, Jussi, a man past middle age seemingly at the end of the road careerwise. Years of grinding projects as “Jussi the Jock” has left him with a divorced wife, a rude child and plenty of processed food to eat. He’s practically staring down his obsolescence when the young, fit and certainly more productive Aleksi picks him up in his swanky Porsche for a corporate retreat of sorts.

The key to returning to Jussi’s prime, it appears, is to go primal, to let go of all sense of good taste, starting with your clothes and finally your morals. The pleasures of Salminen’s film stems not just from seeing naked men wrestle in an uber-masculine yet distinctly homoerotic manner, but in viewing the warped psyche of the modern capitalist. It’s a sort of body horror of the mind, where years of repression and frustration from a lack of financial success exhibit themselves in a fundamental rewiring of the brain, creating an animalistic urge to dominate, and of course, kill.”

— Matthew Chan


Jussi: Eppu Salminen

Aleksi: Emil Kihlström

Lintubongaaja: Hannes Suominen

Jussin poika: Leo Moreau


Screenwriter & director: Santtu Salminen

Producer: Elisabeth Keinänen

Cinematographer: Elis Lindfors

Editor: Riina Saltiola

Sound design: Jaanis Hållman

Composer: Emil Sana

Production design: Jaakko Juutela

Costume design: Mira Korhonen

MUAH: Nani Auvinen

Production manager: Emma Kurki

Production coordinator: Jussi Mäkelä

1. AD: Olli Kasper

Set runner: Saara Tuomisto

Script supervisor: Rosa Salomaa

Grade: Post Control

VFX: Totte Lehtinen

3D: Teemu Hartikainen

Gaffer: Ossi Kallio

Best person: Joni Lintula

Lighting technician: Tiia Salminen, Sakari Sankkinen, Johannes Heinonen

Grip: Roni Rautavuori, Santtu Koivisto

1. AC: Nuutti Sihvonen

2. AC: Aurora Sallinen, Marko Pyykkönen

Video assistant: Tia Alm

Drone operator: Eero Liimatainen

Sound recordist: Jaanis Hållman

Boom operator: Laura Viljanen

Administrative manager: Jani Kallio

Location manager: Pyry Aitamurto, Arto Kultalahti

Catering: Mikko Ahola

Set catering: Elise Byman

Production assistant: Juho Marttinen

Runner: Matias Kylliäinen

Production designers assistant: Aleksi Luukka

Stunt driver: Henri Perttula

Stunt coordinator: Seppo Kumpulainen

First AID: Viivi Joutsen

Graphic designer: Aura Latva-Somppi

Making of: Elias Ryynänen, Veikko Timonen

English translator: Roope Salminen

Russian translator: Vladislav Sarelainen


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